FSC MIX Certification

FSC rating for Original Attic Stairs products FSC rating for Original Attic Stairs products

Your ladders have FSC certification, what does that mean?

All of the timber used in the construction of our standard range of attic stairs is FSC MIX certified. The acronym FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, they are a non profit organisation who are globally recognised to be the leading defenders of all things forest!

The certification of MIX means that all of the timber used in these products can only be taken from three types of sources which are as follows:


FSC Certified Forests 

These are forest which have been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council to meet strict international standards both environmentally and economically. This means that the local wildlife is protected, there is a strict planting to felling ratio, the workers are paid appropriately and so on.


This is timber which has been reclaimed or recycled, in other words using old timber which would have been discarded.

Controlled Sources

These are sources which have been determined to meet FSCs Controlled wood standard, which prevents wood being used which has been taken from irresponsible sources who partake in bad practices like illegally harvesting wood, genetically modifying trees and violating the civil rights of their workers and local people.


The FSC MIX certification means all of the timber used in our standard range of attic stairs and ladders is taken only from any of these tree :) sources.

This coupled with the fact that all of our products have an insulated and air sealed hatch, means that we do our part to be environmentally friendly.


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