How To - Put Up A Shelf

How to put up a shelf with Original Attic Stairs How to put up a shelf with Original Attic Stairs

How to put up a shelf.

Some things like installing folding attic stairs are undoubtedly a job for the professionals, but other jobs around the house, you can do yourself, right? Here we will be giving you tips and tricks along with a step by step guide on how to put up shelving in your home.

First off - Check your walls for obstructions such as pipes and cables. The last thing anyone wants is to drill or screw into a cable, in Ireland domestic electrical circuits (that's in your house and mine!) are run on 240 volts. 240 volts is extremely dangerous and is likely to kill you. Bursting a pipe, while not quite as dangerous to your personal health, usually causes substantial damage and can be very costly to repair. Common sense can go a long way to plotting probable routes of pipes and cables, but it is advisable to use a multipurpose detector.

Check list:

  1. Multi-purpose detector.
  2. A shelf and brackets.
  3. Measuring tape.
  4. Screws.
  5. Screw driver.
  6. Goggles.
  7. Pencil.
  8. Level.
  9. Drill. Choose a cordless screw gun for a stud wall. Choose a corded hammer drill for block or brick walls.
  10. Drill bits. Choose multi-purpose or timber bits for stud walls. Choose masonry bits for block or brick walls.
  11. Wall plugs.

MarkingHold your shelf up against the wall where you would like it to be and mark on the under side with your pencil. Work out where you need your brackets to be and use the spirit level to keep them in line with your first pencil mark. Make sure the brackets are equally spaced using your measuring tape. Hold the brackets level with the pencil mark and level vertically and mark the holes. 

Fixing - When fixing a shelf to a timber stud wall you will need to ensure that you are fixing directly into the timber studs or cross supports. You can find the studs by tapping the wall and listening until it no longer sounds hollow or by using your multipurpose detector on its stud finder setting.

When fixing a shelf to a block or brick wall you will need a SDS or hammer drill to bore holes and insert wall plugs.

Place the brackets against the wall in line with your holes and fix them with the correct sized screws.

Fix the shelf to the brackets from the under side ensuring that the screws you use are shorter than the dept of the of the shelf (thickness).


Top Tip

When drilling a hole for wall plugs, measure the depth of the wall plug and mark this measurement on your drill bit with a piece of masking tape.



We do hope this information was helpful.


Happy DIYing From Original Attic Stairs.

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