Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Why should I choose Original Attic Stairs?"
A: Basically what it boils down to is quality and price! We supply and fit great products while providing a great service, at a price which represents good value for you, the customer.


Q: "What does the full 10 year guarantee cover?"

A: Everything. Provided your attic stairs was not damaged trough recklessness (ie. exceeding the max weight etc.) There will be no charge for parts, no charge for labour and no charge for the call out.

Q: "When you say "Free measuring & quote" is there a call out charge?"
A: No. When we say free measuring and quote, we mean it. This will include a representative of ours calling to your house, going trough any works which need to be carried out and recommending which one of our extensive range of attic stairs is most suitable for your particular situation. This process will take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Q: "Are your attic stairs insulated?"
A: Yes all of our ladders have an insulated and draft sealed hatch door.

Q: "Do you cover the Dublin area?"
A: Yes we supply and fit in Dublin and all surrounding areas. We are typically in the Dublin area, two or three days every week.

Q: "Do you cover all of Ireland?"
A: Yes, between us and our agents we are able to supply products to the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. We also have an installation option for the majority of the country.

Q: "How long is the waiting time once I place an order?"
A: Lead times for installations vary, depending on your area and due to the pandemic we are still experiencing a backlog, as we were forced to cease installations for months on end. Online (supply only) orders should be delivered within 7 days of ordering.

Q: "How long is fitting going to take on the day?"
A: On average it will take us about 2 hours for an installation. It can quite often take less time for many of the products in our standard range but products from our custom range may take longer.

Q: "Will my hatch need to be altered to suit?"
A: In all likely hood yes. 99% of trapdoor openings have to be altered in order to fit a high quality, sealed unit attic stairs. This work is included in the "Supply & Fit" prices which are stated on each of our products pages. The work will be carried to the highest of standards, both structurally and ascetically by our trained carpenters. This ensures the finished product will both look the part, and will last for many
years to come.

Q: "Do you charge extra for creating a new opening?"
A: No we do not. If your opening cannot be altered to suite any of our extensive range of attic stairs, because of any reason, structural or otherwise, we do not charge extra to create a new opening in a different area of your ceiling. This work will be included in the "Supply & Fit" prices, which are stated on each products page.


Q: "Will there be much dust and/or mess created by the works being completed?"
A: In most cases there is very little dust and/or mess created, but in any event, the fitters at Original Attic Stairs take care to cover all surfaces with dust proof sheets and clean up any mess on completion of the works.


Q: "Do you except card payments?"
A: Yes. We except Visa credit and debit cards and also MasterCard credit and Maestro debit. We are also now able to except American Express cards. It is also important to note that we are fully PCI compliant, so your data is safe with us!


Q: "Are you H.R.I. registered?"
A: Yes, we are a fully registered contractor for the Home Renovations Incentive scheme (H.R.I.).


Q: "How much weight can your ladders take?"
A: All of our standard range are tested and certified to withstand 160 kilos. While are custom range are tested to withstand 260 kilos. 


Q: "Do you fit attic flooring?"
A: Yes, if we are fitting one of our ladders for you, we offer the option of high quality professionally fitting attic flooring.


Q: "Do you fit attic lights?"
A: We offer the option of high quality wireless LED lights, which are designed for outdoor use. We do not install wired lights which are wired to the mains electricity of your home. Under the latest laws, the fitting of a light fixture and switch must be carried out by a registered electrician. We urge you to be wary of any company who specialize in installing attic ladders, who offer this service. If these works are carried out by an unregistered installer, any accidents or damages will not be covered by your insurance company.


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